Jumat, 18 September 2015

Happy Anniversary 5 years

This did not feel already five year that we have spent time together fondly, both joy and sorrow. I hope our relationship is up to the year remains good as this and until we grow old later, we were always together. I hope this wonderful relationship kept until the end of our life.
This special day is a day that is very different from the usual days. do you know dear? if the first time when the date and the same day like today, I kept saying that I love you. Happy anniversary dear, I hope our relationship could be better than last year.
On this day, I really felt my life more beautiful and happy because you have been willing to be a part of this soul mates. I thank you who have shone on my days with the rainbow colors of your love.
Thank you dear, you have to fill this heart chamber with a beautiful love from the heart. During this year, we are still together and I will always ask God that our relationship will be lasting until the end of our life. Happy Anniversary dear
While the candlelight is shining on your face, I'm happy because of we are united in prayers for the day. so, I vow with my lips to spell your heart, oh dear.
You know dear, even when we are far apart now, but on the day of our anniversary, I will pray that God will always take care of you and me for our love. Happy anniversary dear.
Roses are red, violets are blue. I am waiting to listen to what a cute man such as you saying it. Happy anniversary dear.
I hope you always find a reason to smile and I hope I can always be that reason.
I hope in this day, you are always be mine dear. You are the end of my love story and you are the answer of my questions.  Happy aniversay dear.


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