Rabu, 12 September 2012

Trip To Singapore

holiday, this is called a vacation. after all this time do not travel Jaun, finally today, Tuesday, I ended up on vacation to a country known for its statue singanya.inilah country called singapore.walaupun there is only one day to visit all the attractions there was not yet made ​​my heart satisfied , especially spending items there that cost enough to spend. I only stayed one day in singapore, stay at a hotel in the area batam. I climb aboard the ferry from batam center towards the marina bay. just take a trip for 1 hour to get to Singapore. this is the first time I climb aboard fery. upon arriving there, that there is in my mind, the country is very clean, neat, organized, orderly and comfortable, udaranyapun very cool and fresh. we immediately visited the Merlion statue, the symbol of the State singapore. it was not there if you do not take pictures with this icon. After that, I visited the largest library in singapore. The scenery is simply stunning, the books are arranged neatly, visitors were very organized and orderly, and the place is very clean and nice and good in view. after that, we visited the place of chocolate sales, the price offered is quite interesting and a bit pricey for me. after that, we were shopping at a well-known shopping place in singapore country, namely Bugis street

there stuff is reasonably priced and varied, but it is not much different with the items that exist in Indonesia. After that, we shopped again to mustafa. after that we went to China town, there stuff turned out ta be cheaper, but the goods are sold on average china goods. of china town, we went on a trip to the orchad up subway singapore for 3 dollars. on the road orchad stands a large mall, it was my money is not enough to buy things here. besides the prices are quite expensive, this place is known for selling branded goods. The last place we visited was sentoosa island, in which there are bay marina. this is where we spent our afternoon in the country. Finally, we see a show of water attractions, song of the sea. At 8 pm we returned to the hotel to board the ferry, the ride was quite fun and exhausting.

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