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Hijab Speak 1st Gathering

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Somedays ago, I received an invitation from the new twitter, @ hijabspeak there. new accounts that I have seen in social media. And the administrator account @ hijabspeak is my friend Fika Trimujiani. He was my friend at polytecnic State Of Jakarta. We had one student parliament Organitation on board PNJ 2008-2009. I received an invitation from Facebook as well, and miss fika who invited me to come and join the event.

in the same time, HC Depok do Recrutment Open HC Depok committee and I was selected to be one of five finalists to become the HC committee. To continue to the next session, introduction, each person gets an email from the head of Depok Dika Wanangsari HC should come and join the event to collect hijabspeak.

Hijab talking kemang 89 gathered at the 3rd floor of the building from 9:30 to 12:00 pm.I went there with three friends. They are @ ninisnis16, @ mayabcdf, and @ destiafizho. we met at the Sunday market. We went there by public transport.

When I arrived at kemang 89 building, I met a girl beatifull of hijab UI community, Gundar, UNJ, UIB, Bekasi, Bintaro, Bogor. Subhanallah, they are very beautifull. I am very Haapy to meet them.In there, we got writing workshops by jeng hai nanda from magazines and mimi aliya, founder and cdesigner of simplymimi, son mimi, mein hijabber designers and community members. Most of the experiments that I got there. After the event was over, I went to eat lunch at the pasta shop Kemang, South Jakarta.

There is a picture that I got during the event:


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